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Spencer Trappist

spencer trappist logoTrappist communities observe the counsel of the Rule of St. Benedict, a 6th century guide for monastic life, that stresses the importance of ora et labora or “pray and work.” Monks are encouraged to be self-supportive and offer charitable assistance to others by producing and selling goods to the public.

The bell tower rising skyward above the abbey church is one of the defining architectural features of our Spencer Abbey. Simple, solid, striking, beautiful, the tower guides many a wayfarer to their spiritual home.
The font used in our Spencer logo is derived from the calligraphy inscribed upon the limestone end panels of the high altar of the abbey church, which was created by Br. David Holly, a monk and artist of Spencer at the time of its foundation in 1950.

Our brewery project is one of necessity. For over 60 years, we have cooked and packed jams and jellies at our monastery under the Trappist Preserves label. This business has allowed us to support ourselves, while providing wholesome monastic work and charitable assistance to the poorer communities and persons in need. However, when we look to the future, as our community grows and ages, we see our need for an additional enterprise that supports our community and charities in the years to come.

In our community, each monk’s work is assigned after matching up community need and the individual’s interests and abilities. A few years ago, one of our brothers expressed interest in brewing and even did some training at a local craft brewery. Over time, his passion for brewing affected some other monks, who recognized that brewing was a very traditional monastic enterprise. Thus, when the time came to re-chart the economic path for the monastery’s future, the idea of a brewery gained traction. However, before we could come to a decision, we had to develop the brewery idea into a realistic plan.

With the blessing of the abbot, we embarked upon a two-year data-gathering mission. We visited each Trappist brewery to learn everything we could from our European brothers. Beginning at the Abbey of Westmalle, we slowly made our way around Belgium, staying at the monasteries and making friends, receiving good advice and drinking some of the world’s best beer. The final stop of our first trip was the Abbey of Sint Sixtus, brewer of the acclaimed Westvleteren ales; by the end of our second trip and more detailed discussions, we were confident that we had put together a realistic plan for a new brewery. Following monastic tradition, the monks voted and confirmed the project by an overwhelming majority – we would build America’s first Trappist brewery.

Observing Trappist tradition we have named the brewery, and the beer, Spencer after our beloved town of Spencer, MA.

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Berkshire Brewing Co

Berkshire Brewing Company logoEstablished in 1994 in South Deerfield, MA, Berkshire Brewing Company is New England’s premier regional craft brewery. We keep it simple: brewing our ales and lagers fresh in small batches. We keep it real: all of our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized, and contain no chemical additives or preservatives. And we keep it creative: producing a broad range of year-round and seasonal ales and lagers, and frequent brewer’s specials. Just good beer.

We believe in staying relaxed, down-to-earth, and enjoying an abundance of great beer. There are no secrets here. We share our process, our culture, and of course, the final product – because that’s the way we believe a craft brewery should be.

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Broad Brook

Broad Brook Brewing CoFounded in September 2010, Broad Brook Brewing is a new micro-brewery located in East Windsor, Connecticut. By hand crafting our beer, using the finest ingredients available, we produce well balanced, high quality ales with a focus on drinkability.

Along with our award-winning lineup, we continue to develop new recipes on our 15 barrel system.


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Captain Lawrence

Captain Lawrence BrewingThe Captain Lawrence Brewing Company journey began humbly, with five- gallon batches of beer brewed on a kitchen stovetop in November, 1995. Today you can find our beers across all of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Come enjoy up to 12 different ales on tap here in our Elmsford, NY tasting room with great local food provided by Gleason’s/Birdsall House of Peekskill, NY. We also host private parties and special events. It’s the ideal location to throw a party, no matter what you’re celebrating – the aroma when you walk in the doors is enough to put you in the mood to relax and enjoy our great beer with friends and family. Local beer just tastes better.


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Honest Weight Artisan

Honest Weight Artisian BeerHonest Weight Artisan Beer brews tradition-inspired rustic ales and lagers, produced with a modern sensibility and with an eye toward exacting detail. Our brewery is located in the heart of Massachusetts’ North Quabbin region.

Honest Weight produces year-round, and on draft: Fresh, hop-forward American Ales, Earthy and beautiful Grisettes, and Saisons

Also seasonably available Wild and Barrel Aged Beers.

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Maine Beer Co

A small, artisanal brewery dedicated to crafting great beer.maine beer company logo


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von Trapp Brewing

von Trapp Brewing logoOur bier is brewed on the grounds of Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, this lager is crafted with the finest traditional ingredients and our pure Vermont spring water.

Inspired by the quality brewing heritage of his ancestral homeland of Austria, Johannes von Trapp has built a world class brewery on the grounds of his family’s lodge in the pristine mountains of Stowe, Vermont. Using traditional Austrian brewing techniques, our master brewer creates pure, clean beer with amazingly complex flavor profiles.

Of course, everyone says they use the finest ingredients and so do we, but few can say they use their own natural resources. We do. You can taste the difference. This beer is brewed on the grounds of the Trapp Family Lodge, using pure Vermont spring water from right here on our own property.


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Church Of Brian Brewery

I’m worthy because I’m the best. My Saison was well received last year and I plan to repeat a solid showing with my Super Hop IPA.