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Honest Weight Artisan

Honest Weight Artisian BeerHonest Weight Artisan Beer brews tradition-inspired rustic ales and lagers, produced with a modern sensibility and with an eye toward exacting detail. Our brewery is located in the heart of Massachusetts’ North Quabbin region.

Honest Weight produces year-round, and on draft: Fresh, hop-forward American Ales, Earthy and beautiful Grisettes, and Saisons

Also seasonably available Wild and Barrel Aged Beers.

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Maine Beer Co

A small, artisanal brewery dedicated to crafting great beer.maine beer company logo


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von Trapp Brewing

von Trapp Brewing logoOur bier is brewed on the grounds of Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, this lager is crafted with the finest traditional ingredients and our pure Vermont spring water.

Inspired by the quality brewing heritage of his ancestral homeland of Austria, Johannes von Trapp has built a world class brewery on the grounds of his family’s lodge in the pristine mountains of Stowe, Vermont. Using traditional Austrian brewing techniques, our master brewer creates pure, clean beer with amazingly complex flavor profiles.

Of course, everyone says they use the finest ingredients and so do we, but few can say they use their own natural resources. We do. You can taste the difference. This beer is brewed on the grounds of the Trapp Family Lodge, using pure Vermont spring water from right here on our own property.


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Church Of Brian Brewery

I’m worthy because I’m the best. My Saison was well received last year and I plan to repeat a solid showing with my Super Hop IPA.

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Negative Brewing Company

I have been brewing on and off for 5 years now, slowly making my way from extract kits to all grain. I have just recently finished my all grain electric brewery in my basement. I built everything from the control panel to the silver solder joints on my kettles. I am working towards creating beers that are not only tasty but repeatable. This will be a good opportunity to see if I can create a beer that people enjoy. Thank you for the opportunity. Sorry for the poor picture quality.

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@6s&7s; Fermentationists

To be “at sixes and sevens” is a British English idiom used to describe a state of confusion or disarray.

Here @6s&7s homebrew we ferment the world!

I’ve been Homebrewing for several years now, and slowly I’ve moved away from the humdrum recipes and beer kits. I’ve been trying to focus on recipe development and personalizing my beers into unique and tantalizing experiences. While most of my fermentations are wild, traditional clean beers always have a place in my kettle.

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Liam Bonnette

I’m worthy because I’m professionally trained to make yeast (and other biological entities) do what I want them to do. After moving into a new neighborhood I began homebrewing 3 years ago directly via whole-grain methods after my neighbor (homebrewer for 10+ years) learned that I was a biochemist and convinced me to invest ~$2000 into the equipment I knew would work best. After finishing my basement with a dedicated 120sq. ft “brew room” (complete with microscope, cell counters, etc.); I make awesome beer due to controlled experimentation and a little art!

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Pixelated Pints

We’re only Homebrewers, so nothing is for sale. Like NES cartridges though, we’ll trade beer with you; We’re always down with that. We like talking about hop varieties, IBUs, power-ups, and boss battles.


Pixelated Pints would love to return this year with a delightfully aromatic offering that’s bursting with tropical citrus. Having attended each Worthy, and participated in the first Homebrew competition, we know what the people at the Craft Beer Showcase need! We’ve attended several competitions in the past and even participated in Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp, but now we’re seeking the win at the Worthy and a chance to brew at ABC!

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I am worthy because I brew my beer for fun, enjoyment and experimentation, not just for competition. That said, I won first place at the 2014 Holyoke Canoe Club Brewfest homebrew competition and third place at the 2014 Worthy homebrew competition. I don’t use the most sophisticated or expensive equipment, in fact most of my Homebrewery consists of repurposed items. I take great pride in transforming this equipment into something useful to brew with, such as my old 12-gallon Cambro cooler mash-tun. I take similar pride in experimenting with new ingredients. My entry for this competition is an IPA made in the spirit of a farmhouse ale, brewed with a generous helping of malted wheat, unrefined cane sugar, and lots of fruity and citrusy hops. This beer is light in body, full on flavor, and perfect for a warm summer day.