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Swing Oil

Swing Oil Beer Company based in Granby, MA. was born from the idea that like golf, craft beer should be enjoyed before, during and after the round. In the Northeast we are fortunate to have many craft beer choices at bars and restaurants (even state fairs). So why not at the 19th hole? We decided to help you craft a better game!

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Two Weeks Notice

Our story began with a home beer brewing kit gifted by his wife on Christmas morning to Head Brewer Mark Avery. After years of developing both his love for the craft and his recipes, he entered several beer competitions and began to build his confidence and recipe list. It was not long after their Worthy Brewfest win that plans began to come together to make this dream a reality.

Mark coined the name of the company based off his wish of one day quitting his desk job to pursue his dream of owning and operating his own brewery. It was not long until Mark was absolutely determined to become a true contributor in the craft beer community he loved.

After a few stumbles, Mark Avery welcomed Derek Upson as his partner and the two began searching for the new home of Two Weeks Notice. Coincidentally, Derek is Mark’s boss at that job he’s been longing to quit so badly, so it’s safe to say they’ve worked well together before. No hard feelings Derek. Derek supported Mark’s passion as he grew a small family owned company to a large and successful industry leader. With their partnership solidified, Two Weeks Notice began to move forward.

Mark’s beers will be sometimes creative, sometimes classic but always made with same passion that started his career. We want this beer to be memorable, unique and consistently delicious with a style for every taste. The best way to do good work is to love the work you do.

There will be laughs, jokes and stories along the way and we hope to add to an already fantastic community here in Western Massachusetts.

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Rustic Brewing

Here at Rustic Brewing Company, we are adding our personal touch to the rustic art of craft brewing; remembering our roots and perpetually growing upon them.  We strive to get our beer to you at its optimal freshness and are proud to share the results of our dedication to the craft. We hope our fine attention to detail shines through in our beers. Enjoy!

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Mayflower Brewing Company – America’s Hometown Brewery – is a craft beer microbrewery located in historic Plymouth, Massachusetts. Founded in 2007 by a tenth great grandson of John Alden, beer barrel cooper on board the Mayflower, we are dedicated to celebrating the history and legacy of beer in America by creating unique, high-quality ales and lagers.

We brew and package all of our beer at our brewery in Plymouth and use only traditional brewing methods and ingredients. Our product line is broad and includes a set of year-round beers that honor traditional styles, seasonal beers that celebrate our New England weather, and small batch releases that give us a chance to try out new ideas.

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Holyoke Craft Beer

Inspired by the growing art and innovation scene in downtown Holyoke, a local home brewer decided it was the perfect time to start a craft brewery. The focus of Holyoke Craft beer is supporting and developing a vibrant community. Hops and grains are sourced locally and the beer is served in small fresh batches.

We are located at 208 Race Street, Holyoke MA.

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Crazy Cock Cider

We pride ourselves with creating fun ciders that are easy to drink, easy to share and fun to talk about!

Come check us out at 68 Main Street, downtown Stafford Springs, CT!  We have a taproom where you can purchase samples, pints and growlers to go.

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Connecticut Valley Brewing Company

Connecticut Valley Brewing Company is an independently owned and operated family business. The company was founded by two Connecticut locals who have dreamt of opening a brewery for many years and have always wanted to create a place where the community could gather and enjoy each other’s company. Our South Windsor facility, which we officially opened in early 2018, is situated in the heart of the Connecticut Valley. Our brewery is just a short, five minute drive to the banks of the beautiful Connecticut River.

Our logo features the F4U Corsair airplane which is the Connecticut State Airplane and a great testament to the spirit of the state. Because we feel community is important, our company is highlighting some of the state’s great industries and adventure spots by featuring them on our cans. These people and places have not only inspired our own lives and the life of the brewery, but they also honor the places we’ve come to live, love and grow in. We hope you enjoy your time here and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

Cheers to You and Cheers to Connecticut Craft Beers!

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Bear and Bramble

Bear and Bramble is a nano brewery in Florence, MA. We make uncompromising ales that we can’t wait to savor and share. We pride ourselves in crafting Belgian-influenced Farmhouse ales, but also love innovative ales that bend style guidelines. We are committed to growing a barrel program to compliment our dark beers and to cultivate a stock of sour ales to serve and blend. We enjoy the exploration of hops, and the endless ways that they express themselves.

Our current location is in a neighborhood and out of respect to our neighbors, we are not able to invite the public to our brewery. Our beers are available at local bottle shops, restaurants,  and select area beer bars.

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Great Awakening Brewing Company

We are extremely excited to announce we’ve found a home for our retail brewery and taproom within The Mill at Crane Pond, 77 Mill Street Westfield, Massachusetts!
Our space is located within a repurposed mill overlooking a rushing dam on Westfield’s Little River. The river presents a scenic view from the taproom and provides the soothing sound of rushing water year-round. In addition to can and bottle sales, we’re also planning a rooftop beer garden to enjoy during the warmer New England months. We very much look forward to sharing our creative and flavorful beers with you all later this year. Expect hoppy beers, traditional and new school sour beers, stouts, barrel aged beers and everything in between.