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von Trapp Brewing

von Trapp Brewing logoOur bier is brewed on the grounds of Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, this lager is crafted with the finest traditional ingredients and our pure Vermont spring water.

Inspired by the quality brewing heritage of his ancestral homeland of Austria, Johannes von Trapp has built a world class brewery on the grounds of his family’s lodge in the pristine mountains of Stowe, Vermont. Using traditional Austrian brewing techniques, our master brewer creates pure, clean beer with amazingly complex flavor profiles.

Of course, everyone says they use the finest ingredients and so do we, but few can say they use their own natural resources. We do. You can taste the difference. This beer is brewed on the grounds of the Trapp Family Lodge, using pure Vermont spring water from right here on our own property.


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Ballast Point

Ballast Point Brewing logoThe perfect balance of taste and aroma. An obsession with ingredients. An exploration of techniques. And while we savor the result, we’re just as fascinated by the process to get there. What started as a small group of homebrewers, who simply wanted to make a better beer, evolved into the adventurers known today as Ballast Point.

We live to add our own touch and ask if there’s a better way. As we tinkered, tested and tasted, we discovered that making beer was more art than science. And while we respect and honor tradition, we relish the opportunity to take it further. That freedom has allowed us to reinterpret brewing. And along the way help to reinvigorate the industry. From bringing a hoppy twist to a porter, or developing a proprietary yeast for our amber ale, to creating a breakthrough gold medal-winning IPA.

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Artifact Cider Project

artifact cider project logoArtifact Cider Project is a micro-cidery started by two best friends – Jake, a farmer, and Soham, a scientist – and brought to life by tremendous help from our community. Years ago, we discovered what cider could be: dry, complex, and refreshing. Since then, we’ve explored far and wide, running numerous experiments, reading entire libraries, and diving hands first into local agriculture.

We call Springfield, Massachusetts home, in a small, humble facility we gutted and rebuilt nail by nail at Gasoline Alley in the winter of 2013. We were ecstatic to launch our first cider in June of 2014 and inspired by the support we have received since.

This is just the beginning of our adventure. There are miles left to dig, countless artifacts to discover, and we couldn’t be more excited about what is to come next.

Welcome to the Project. Artifact is yours, as much as it is ours.

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White Lion

white-lion-breweryThe legend of the White Lion has been shared by word of mouth for centuries. Folklore declares that White Lions are children of the Sun Gods and maintain mythical status. The White Lion has become a symbol to citizens from around the world; portrayed as a rare phenomenon and an extension beyond any color, creed, gender or race. The White Lion serves as a sign of good found in all mankind. Anyone blessed to gaze upon this rare gift will be sanctified with prosperity.


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Jack’s Abby

Jacks Abby Craft Lagers logoJack’s Abby Brewing is a family-owned craft brewery in Framingham, MA founded by three brothers, Jack, Eric, and Sam Hendler.

Our mission is to create truly distinctive lagers featuring locally grown ingredients, traditional German brewing standards, and American innovation.

The company name, “Jack’s Abby Brewing”, is a nod to Jack’s wife, Abby, and also to the traditions of the european monks who handcrafted beer in their abbeys.

We focus on quality ingredients, mindful labor, community involvement, and remarkable beer.

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Iron Duke

Iron DukeIron Duke Brewing is located at the Historic Ludlow Mills complex in Ludlow, Massachusetts. Our home, Stockhouse 122, sits directly along Chicopee River. Originally used to house jute back in the early 1900’s, Stockhouse 122 has over 100 years of history within its brick walls.

IDB was started a mere stone throw away by a small group of close friends and family. It was during the spring of 2010 when we decided we wanted to make our dream of opening a brewery a reality.

Over the last 7 years, we have worked on perfecting our craft using a small nano system built from scratch in our garage. During that time, we have gathered an impressive collection of awards for wide variety of beer offerings.

Iron Duke’s mission is to produce high quality, handcrafted beer, and provide an inviting, friendly culture of hardworking individuals while maintaining an authentic and unique personality.

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Sixpoint Brewery

Sixpoint BreweryWhat’s in a name? The name “Sixpoint” is by no means an insignificant nomenclature – it is connected to a symbol that has been synonymous with the craft of brewing going back centuries. Since at least the year 1300, brewers adorned their barrels and breweries with a six-pointed star. By the 1500s, the star became the official insignia of the Brewer’s Guild, one of the first trade guilds of Europe. The star symbolized the purity of the craft, and folklore claims the six individual points each represent six different critical elements of the craft itself: grain, water, hops, yeast, malt, and the brewer.

At Sixpoint Brewery we acknowledge the history of the craft, while forging ahead to create new styles. The forging ahead is symbolically demonstrated in our logo, where the ancient brewer’s star has been influenced by the nautical star to create an entirely unique creation, the Sixpoint Brewery star. Our original brewery, located one block from the waterfront in Red Hook, Brooklyn, is rife with maritime history. The nautical star was a navigational device for seagoing travelers during their nighttime voyages. Just as the stars navigated them to their destination, the Sixpoint star navigates you to good beer.


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Wormtown Brewery

Wormtown Brewery logoIn 1978, an underground DIY fanzine hit the streets of Worcester which covered the burgeoning local music scene and its inhabitants. Wormtown Punk Punk Press was gobbled up by the musicians and music fans of Worcester who craved news and information about the exciting sounds emanating from the local airwaves and rock clubs. Wormtown Punk Punk Press featured groups from Worcester like the Blue Moon Band and Crazy Jack, and from Boston like Willie Alexander, DMZ and The Real Kids. The ‘zine hit a nerve in the city and those who were entranced with punk picked up on the name Wormtown and adopted it quickly to represent themselves and their emerging culture. Within a year an album showcasing the city’s best punk bands entitled Wormtown ’78 was produced, effectively branding the local music scene, and the city of Worcester, forever.

Not everyone identifies with Wormtown. Not everyone is involved with the underground music scene in the city, not everyone is a fan of punk. But the name has stuck and has been adopted by countless Worcester citizens because it symbolizes and embraces the free spirited do-it-yourself ethic that is simply Worcester. Over the years it has meant many things to many people and sometimes frowned upon as derogatory by some, when actually it helped change the culture of the city in a way where anyone could strike out on their own and create music, art or a collective of liked minded individuals. Wormtown Brewery has that same spirit – they are creating something unique to add to the mix in our city. Will it change Worcester the way music did back in the late ’70s? Who knows. But one thing’s for sure, there is nothing that goes better with good music than good beer.


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Tröegs Brewing

TroegsTröegs Brewing Company was founded by Chris and John Trogner. Since 1997, the brothers have been handcrafting world-class beers that combine traditional English brewing techniques with the eclecticism of new American brewing. While only available in the Mid-Atlantic region, Tröegs Brewery is known nationwide for their award-winning Troegenator Double Bock, highly-desirable seasonal releases like Nugget Nectar and The Mad Elf, and brewery-only beers like the Scratch and Splinter series. Tröegs Brewery in Hershey, Pennsylvania provides guests with a complete brewing experience. The brewhouse is located in a 5,000 square foot tasting room that opens onto a beer garden. Visitors are able to observe the brewing process firsthand, and take a self-guided tour along a window-lined hallway for a close-up view of the entire brewery.