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Seven Saws

7 Saws was created in 2017 by four friends with the shared goal of creating great beer and a vibrant community space in Holden, MA.

The name 7 Saws hails from the historic mills and villages we have to thank today for the existence of our hometown. An abundance of ponds, streams, and rivers provided the necessary source of power for mill villages such as Chaffinville, Dawsonville, Jeffersonville, Quinapoxet, North Woods, Springdale, and Unionville to flourish. Per one of the oldest known maps of Holden from 1795, “There are in the Town of Holden…Seven Saw Mills.” So as you explore our beautiful town, look for these village names and the legacy the historic mills still leave behind for us to enjoy. Cheers to a town built on hard-work and 7 Saws!

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