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Lefty’s Brewing

Lefty's Brewing Company

At Lefty’s, we use only quality ingredients and take pride in our attention to detail.  It is important to us to provide you with a fresh, locally made brew, showcasing our passion in every pint.  If you are interested in visiting our brewery, free tours & tastings along with growler fills & purchases are available during store hours! Bring friends & family!

Bill “Lefty” Goldfarb earned his nickname during his time as a commercial roofer. He wasn’t the only Bill on the roof, so the two guys were nicknamed by their dominant hands. Even though Lefty is no longer on roofs, his nickname lives on!

Melissa, Bill’s partner in life as well as business, is conveniently also a Lefty.  Melissa’s focus is on all of the marketing and sales.  Together they make a great team, bringing strengths to every aspect of the brewery.

After years of practice as a home brewer, Bill’s passion grew into a profession. With determination, creativity, and a lot of fun along the way, Bill and Melissa opened the doors to Lefty’s Brewing Company in 2010 and have never looked back!

Over the past several years Lefty’s has grown from two people who sold six types of beer, into a small dedicated team that has brewed over thirty five beer flavors. Each team member brings a different set of strengths and skills to the company, along with the excitement and passion for craft beer. We hope you get a chance to come visit our brewery, which we call a second home.


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